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December 19, 2019| Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

Statement by Rita Notarandrea on the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada’s Annual Report and Its Emphasis on Stigma

Ottawa, December 19, 2019 - The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) welcomes the Chief Public Health Offic…

  • Stigma
  • CCSA
December 6, 2019

Throne speech recognition of mental health and addiction support applauded by pan-Canadian health organizations

Statement From Mental Health Commission of Canada and Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction December 6, 2019 …

  • Mental Health
  • Substance Use
  • CCSA
November 25, 2019| Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

Speak Out Against Stigma during National Addictions Awareness Week

Ottawa, November 25, 2019 Fact: Substance use disorder is a health condition, not a choice or a moral failing. Fact: T…

  • CCSA
  • Stigma
November 22, 2019

Canada’s Premier Conference on Substance Use and Addiction Begins Monday in Ottawa; Chief Public Health Officer of Canada To Provide Opening Remarks

Ottawa, November 22, 2019 — Canada is dealing with an ongoing opioid crisis. New cannabis products are ready to hit store sh…

  • CCSA
October 11, 2019

New Website Lets Canadian Youth Tackle Life Changing Decisions

Ottawa, October 11, 2019 - The High Way Home? is a new interactive website that allows young people to make virtual choices…

  • Alcohol
  • Cannabis
  • Impaired Driving
September 19, 2019

CCSA and Community Partners Unite to Make a Collective Impact on Stigma in Ottawa

Ottawa, Sept 19, 2019 - Stigma is one of the biggest barriers to recovery for people dealing with substance use disorder.

  • Stigma
May 22, 2019| Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

$4.5 million for cannabis research announced in partnership between CCSA and CIHR

Ottawa, May 22, 2019 — The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Resea…

  • Cannabis
  • CCSA
April 25, 2019| CCSA

Regular Cannabis Use Linked to Increased Risk of Mental Illness

Ottawa, April 25, 2019 — People who use cannabis regularly — one or more times per week over a period of months or years — c…

  • Cannabis
  • Mental Health
April 5, 2019| CCSA

Early and Regular Cannabis Use Is a Strong Predictor of Cognitive Impairment

Ottawa, April 5, 2019 — Starting to smoke cannabis earlier in life — before 16 or 17 — is one of the strongest predictors of…

  • Cannabis
March 29, 2019| CCSA

More Younger Canadians Using Community-based Services for Substance Use Withdrawal

Ottawa, March 29, 2019 — More young Canadians are using community detoxification services than older adults, according to a …

  • Youth
  • Treatment
February 25, 2019| CCSA

Caution against Overconsumption Risks with Edible Cannabis Products

Ottawa, February 25, 2019 — In a brief submitted to Health Canada’s consultation on Strict regulation of edible cannabis, ex…

  • Cannabis
December 13, 2018| CCSA

Presentation on the Impacts of Methamphetamine Use in Canada to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health

November 29, 2018 Dr. Matthew Young, Senior Research and Policy Analyst, Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

  • Illicit Drugs
November 26, 2018| CCSA

Statement by Rita Notarandrea, CEO, on National Addictions Awareness Week 2018

Ottawa, November 26, 2018 — The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) is pleased to launch National Addictio…

  • Stigma
November 14, 2018| CCSA

Substance use is costing six Canadian provinces over $1 billion each

Ottawa, November 14, 2018 — In each of the provinces of Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Co…

  • Substance Use Costs
  • Workplace Safety
October 16, 2018| CCSA

More than 60% of Canadians say they will not consume cannabis once it becomes legal, a new Nanos poll reveals

Ottawa, October 16, 2018 — Even though close to 6 in 10 Canadians report they have tried it, the majority of Canadians have …

  • Cannabis

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