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Thank You for NAAW 2023. Coming Soon: NAAW 2024!

Thank you for participating in NAAW 2023. Seeing people sharing stories of how they use inspiration, innovation and inclusion to create a healthier Canadian society was wonderful. Next year’s National Addictions Awareness Week will take place Nov. 24–30, 2024. We will release more details, including the theme, in Summer 2024. 

Substance use is a complex and far-reaching issue. It is associated with a staggering health impact and cost to society. In 2020, substance use in Canada cost $49.1 billion. More than 62 per cent of the total costs of substance use was related to two legal substances — alcohol and tobacco.

Opioid use cost $7.1 billion. Nearly 75 per cent of these costs were related to lost productivity and, more specifically, people dying at a young age from opioid use.

The COVID-19 pandemic made an already complicated substance use landscape even more complex. The mental health and well-being of people living in Canada were significantly affected. The inequities that exist in our country were exacerbated.

We have learned what is possible if we all work together. It takes a wide range of perspectives and collective efforts to drive needed change. By participating in NAAW you can share your own inspiring, innovating and inclusive ideas that can produce significant change.

Resources to Show Your Inspiration, Innovation and Inclusion

Here are the resources we shared on our social media platforms during NAAW 2023. Please continue to use them to help start and inform important conversations, or help people who use substances or have a substance use disorder on their wellness journey.

Understanding Substance Use Costs and Harms

Making Informed Decisions on Alcohol

Keeping Kids Safe and Learning More About Cannabis

Improving Treatment Together

Helping People Working in Substance Use Health

About National Addiction Awareness Week

NAAW highlights solutions to help address the harms related to alcohol and other drug use. It provides an opportunity for people in Canada to learn more about prevention, to talk about treatment and recovery, and to bring forward solutions.


If you have any questions about NAAW, please contact us.


CCSA understands that each of our partners and communities of people who use drugs have their own experiences, perspectives and preferred language. We appreciate that the term “addiction” can be stigmatizing for some communities and an important part of the conversation for others. Seeking to raise awareness about substance use health, addictions and people who use drugs is an important goal we share as we seek to improve health and well-being.

The discussion around NAAW can be emotionally difficult. We encourage people to reach out for help or get support for these sometimes-difficult conversations. Please continue to send us feedback as we strive to be better partners.

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