Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

Sex, gender and other identity factors intersect to affect substance use prevalence, and the experiences and outcomes of those with substance use disorders. While sex and gender are more common perspectives when analyzing research and developing programs and policies, they need to be joined by other key identity factors such as race, ability, citizenship and income.

CCSA has committed to integrating sex-, gender- and equity-based analysis in all of its work. By looking at the whole body of research available and refining the results, we’re able to identify research and resources relevant to specific populations. This approach ensures our work is representative and comprehensive as we continue to learn more about substance use and addiction in Canada.

CCSA is pleased to share the following external resources to showcase how and why you should integrate SGBA+ into your work in substance use and addiction:

Title Organization Specific to
Substance Use
Publications: Research Methods & SGBA BC Centre of Excellent for Women’s Health Yes
Gender, Diversity and Inclusion - Statistics Statistics Canada No
Gender-Based Analysis Plus Status of Women Canada No
Sex, Gender and Health Research Canadian Institutes for Health Research No

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