Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

There is a lot of information available on the Internet about the health impacts of different substances. Some of this information is accurate and some is not. The research section summarizes resources educators and other youth allies can use to help inform, educate and have important conversations with youth in Canada.

The High Way Home

We listened to young people when we created The High Way Home? .It’s an interactive website that takes an experiential learning approach to mobilizing knowledge. Its purpose is to increase the awareness of youth and young drivers with the risks and harms associated with drug-impaired driving. The site guides users through real-life scenarios where they must make decisions about cannabis use and driving.

We want youth in Canada to make their mistakes on The High Way Home? and not on the road.

Canadian Youth Speak

The Canadian Youth Perceptions on Cannabis report looks at the opinions Canadian youth have about cannabis. It addresses the misconceptions youth have about this substance. The report also examines the current gaps in cannabis research and the best methods to move forward to prevent cannabis use.

Parents, teachers and youth can find accurate information on the effects of cannabis use in this valuable resource.

We are proud to provide practical, scientific information for young people to make informed choices, and for educators to guide them on their learning journey.

Talking About Cannabis

Youth in Canada are seeking credible information from individuals they know and trust on the benefits and harms of cannabis use. They want to know the whole story. Young people are ready to have the conversation, but many who interact with them are not well prepared for it.

Talking Pot with Youth: A Cannabis Communication Guide for Youth Allies helps educators to set up a safe space for critical conversations about drug use.

By taking a harm reduction approach and providing a basis for communicating accurate information about cannabis, youth allies will be able to better support young people in making informed decisions about their cannabis use.

The Cannabis Café

The Cannabis Café: Education and Harm Reduction Initiative is a resource for post-secondary students that aims to facilitate meaningful and evidence informed conversations about cannabis. A direct result of research conducted through the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary, it was developed in consultation with students, researchers, clinicians and campus-based mental health providers. The Cannabis Café program consists of three main activities: trivia, World Café discussion and goal setting.

The Cannabis Café Facilitator’s Guide provides supporting materials so that others can replicate this initiative at their location or institution. It includes a summary of relevant background information on cannabis, along with recommendations for delivering the initiative and a survey to measure satisfaction.

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