Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

Working Together to Develop Lower-Risk Gambling Guidelines

CCSA is working with partners and stakeholders to develop Canada’s first Lower-Risk Gambling Guidelines (LRGGs) by 2020. Funded by the Mise sur toi Foundation, this resource will help Canadians make informed decisions about their gambling behaviour, both in general and when they are consuming alcohol or other substances. 

CCSA has brought together experts, stakeholders and researchers in the gambling and substance use and addiction fields to ensure that high-quality evidence, expert opinion, stakeholders’ expertise and the subjective experience of individuals who gamble are at the foundation of the guidelines. With those relationships in place, the guidelines will meet both the requirements of scientific rigor and the expectations of stakeholders and the general population.

To reach that goal, CCSA has established two governing bodies: the Lower-Risk Gambling Guidelines Scientific Working Group (LRGG-SWG) and the National Lower-Risk Gambling Advisory Committee (NLRG-AC). Together, scientific experts and key stakeholders will provide the best, most relevant recommendations for Canada’s LRGGs.

Lower-Risk Gambling Guidelines Scientific Working Group

The LRGG-SWG was established in July 2016 to provide expert advice, conduct research to support the development of LRGGs and ultimately make recommendations about quantitative limits on frequency, duration and expenditure that could reduce the risk of experiencing gambling-related harms. These recommendations will become the lower-risk gambling guidelines.

LRGG-SWG members:

  • David Hodgins, University of Calgary (co-chair)
  • Matthew Young, CCSA and Carleton University (co-chair)
  • Catherine Paradis, CCSA (co-chair)
  • Natacha Brunelle, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • Shawn Currie, Alberta Health Services and University of Calgary
  • Magali Dufour, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Marie-Claire Flores-Pajot, CCSA
  • Louise Nadeau, University of Montreal

National Lower-Risk Gambling Advisory Committee

The NLRG-AC brings together key stakeholders from various sectors related to gambling and substance use and addiction sectors: prevention, treatment, public health, regulation, finance and industry. The NLRG-AC provides guidance and will help with the mobilization and up-take of the LRGGs.

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