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Stigma impacts all aspects of treatment for people living with opioid use disorder. This animated video explores these impacts and how we can work together to move beyond stigma. To access English subtitles please click on the CC button on the bottom right of the video.



Stigma is a major barrier to the well-being and recovery of people with lived and living experience of substance use disorders. This animated video about two friends, Alex and Sam, explores the devastating impact of substance use stigma and how to challenge it in our communities. Drawing on themes from CCSA’s qualitative research on stigma, “My Journey Starts with Compassion” tells a story about friendship, kindness and changing negative perceptions of people who use substances.

Stigma is one of the biggest barriers people face when seeking care for substance use disorders. Designed for members of the law enforcement community, this webinar explored the relationship between substance use, the brain and mental health, and how stigma can be a barrier to accessing and receiving care. Panelists also discussed the impact stigma has on people who use substances, their families and communities.

Gord Garner, Chelsey June and Jaaji of Twin Flames chat about using positive language when discussing recovery from addiction.

Debbie Curtis, a mental health and addictions consultant, and Mary Fearon, director of the Blue Door Program, share how brain science is helping to address the stigma of addiction in Newfoundland and Labrador.

How trauma impacts the brain: reducing stigma around addiction and substance use
Embedded from YouTube with permission from the Carleton University.

Stigma Podcast







Gord Garner, Executive Director of Community Addictions Peer Support Association joins the Evidence Podcast to talk about stigma and its effects on those battling substance use disorder. 

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