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Canadian Cannabis Research Database

The Canadian Cannabis Research Database is an online tool that allows individuals to search current and ongoing cannabis research activities underway in Canada. Research since 2015 is covered under 40 possible topics.

The database is intended for researchers, healthcare providers and individuals involved in public health policy. It enables them to search research projects related to the health and social impacts of cannabis, while also fostering communication and collaboration between researchers and identifying potential gaps in cannabis research.

If you have any questions about the database, please contact

If you would like your research to be included in the Canadian Cannabis Research Database, please complete the required submission form.


Viewing and Navigation Tips

Note: The database is best viewed in full screen mode on your web browser.

  • To view the database in full screen mode: Click the diagonal arrow in the bottom right corner of the database
  • To exit the database in full screen mode: Press the escape key or click the diagonal arrows in the bottom right corner of the database
Commands Shortcuts
Across the product
Move focus between sections Ctrl + F6
Move focus forward in section Tab
Move focus backward in section Shift + Tab
Show keyboard shortcuts Shift + Question mark (?)
Pane navigation
Multi-select Ctrl + Space
Collapse a single table Left arrow
Expand a single table Right arrow
Collapse all tables Alt + Shift + 1
Expand all tables Alt + Shift + 9
Open a context menu Windows context key or Shift + F10



Some items in the Canadian Cannabis Research Database are taken from the Funding Decisions Database of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Those items are reproduced with the permission of CIHR.

Some items are taken from the Awards Database of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Those items are reproduced with the permission of NSERC.

The remaining items come directly from the researchers, who have provided CCSA permission to reproduce them.

The Government of Canada and CCSA are not responsible for the information published in the database. The publishing of the information in the database does not imply the endorsement of the Government of Canada or CCSA. The information in the database is published as provided in the language in which it was provided.

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