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​Together, creating positive change

What does “collective action” mean? In the field of substance use, it means recognizing the complexity of the issue and the need for structured collaboration across sectors to address it. It means aligning commitments, policies and funds to support the greatest good.

Effective collective action requires a backbone organization to coordinate these efforts and keep track of the bigger picture. It requires an organization that can bring various — and sometimes disparate — voices, priorities and perspectives together.

CCSA is that organization in Canada.

CCSA works with partners from various sectors, including healthcare and educational institutions, government agencies, industry associations and not-for-profit organizations. Each organization brings its unique strengths, knowledge and perspective to the mix.

CCSA’s partnerships

Learn more about CCSA’s partnerships in the following areas:

Through these partnerships, CCSA has achieved results that include:

CCSA is also a member of the following national organizations:


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