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Toolkit for Funding Youth Substance Use Prevention Programs

The Toolkit for Funding Youth Substance Use Prevention Programs is a collection of resources designed to help funders of youth substance use prevention activities evaluate grant applications. Funding applicants can also use the materials to help develop and prepare their programs for evaluation.

The toolkit is informed by best evidence provided in the Portfolio of Canadian Standards for Youth Substance Abuse Prevention (the Standards), as well as insight from the charitable, not-for-profit and government sectors.

The Toolkit for Funding Youth Substance Use Prevention Programs includes:

  • An overview of what the toolkit is and how to use it;

  • A summary of the Standards and how to use them effectively to inform funding practices for the duration of a funding cycle;

  • Guidelines for how to assess grant application programs against best practices in the Standards;

  • Sample questions for discussion between funding agencies and applicants;

  • Tips for applicants to support aligning practice with the Standards.

The resources below are available for download. CCSA is always happy to receive feedback on the usefulness of our resources. Please feel free to send an information request. Please fill out the permission form if your organization would like to distribute, reproduce, modify or adapt the toolkit.

About the Funders' Toolkit Information about the toolkit and how to use it
1. What Funders Can Do Recommendations about how funders can use the Standards to inform their funding practices.
2. Grant Application Checklist and Outline​​Checklist for funders developing grant application processes, and to align funding processes with the Standards.
3. ​Guide for Evaluating Grant ApplicationsPerformance measurement indicators to assess the alignment of a grant application or program with the Standards.
4. Phases of the Planning CycleInformation for funders to educate themselves or others about critical concepts within the Standards.
5. Questions for DiscussionQuestions to support funders in the discussion about the Standards.
6. Tips for ApplicantsPowerPoint presentation with tips for applicants to support aligning their practices with the Standards.
AppendicesIntroduction to the Standards, background information on them and the comprehensive school health approach, and additional resources.