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Action News

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Action News is a newsletter produced by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse that addresses current events related to substance abuse.
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Current Issue

Actio​n News Vol. 25 No 1. (Spring 2015) [PDF]



  • ​Addiction Recovery Movement Building Momentum in Canada

  • Universities Collaborate in Efforts to Reduce Alcohol Harms

  • Spotlight on Youth and Cannabis Use in Upcoming Release for CCSA’s Substance Abuse in Canada Series

  • Registration Opens for Issues of Substance 2015 Conference

  • Early-Warning Drug Surveillance Network Filling Knowledge Gaps in Canada

  • Prevention Hub Canada Launches Website to Support Collaboration and Resource-Sharing among Its Network

  • New Online Forum for Addictions and Mental Health Treatment Providers

  • Recent Releases

  • Upcoming Events


Previous Issues

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