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Postsecondary Education Partnership – Alcohol Harms

Postsecondary Education Partnership – Alcohol Harms

​​​​​​The Postsecondary Education Partnership – Alcohol Harms (PEP-AH) supports ​Canada-wide efforts to reduce the harms related to alcohol consumption on campus. The members of PEP-AH — representatives from postsecondary institutions across Canada — come together to combine their knowledge and expertise in a forum within which implementation efforts and results will be shared, discussed and reported.

​​The Postsecondary Education Partnership at work​

In partnership with CCSA, PEP-AH has developed a socio-ecological, evidence-based framework​ that includes five strategic areas with specific recommended initiatives and measurement indicators. PEP-AH members are encouraged to work together on research projects that will inform community responses to the harms associated with excessive drinking at postsecondary institutions. Completed projects include a community case study and work focusing on student heavy episodic drinking.

Case study in the community of Sherbrooke

The framework was the basis of a community effort to deal with alcohol harms to youth in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The Youth Alcohol Use and Its Harms report provides a potential course of action for other Canadian municipalities seeking to reduce alcohol-related harms among their youth and to support postsecondary institutions in their efforts to do the same. Details can be found in the reportreport in short and infographic.​

Heavy episodic drinking on Canadian campuses​

In the continued effort to address the harms of alcohol for students, CCSA led a qualitative research study on heavy episodic drinking among students. The study investigated student attitudes, perceptions, expectations, reasons and consequences associated with heavy alcohol consumption, as wel​l as student suggestions to address the issue. Details, including student ideas to reduce harms from excessive drinking, can be found in the report, report in short and tool.

Be a part of it!​

PEP-AH is actively inviting institutions to join and establish their own campus team of students, staff and faculty to develop an institutional implementation and measurement plan based on the framework and report back on their strategies to reduce alcohol-related harm on Canadian campuses.

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