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Joint Statement of Action to Address the Opioid Crisis

​​​​​​​​​​The harms associated with prescription drugs, such as opioids, stimulants, sedatives and tranquillizers, are a public health and safety concern that has reached crisis proportions in Canada. These harms are felt by individuals, families and communities, as well as by healthcare, social service and public safety systems. The issue has been identified as a priority for action by all levels of government and many organizations over the past decade.

Joint Statement of Action to Address the Opioid Crisis

At the Opioid Conference and Summit in November 2016, CCSA joined over 40 other organizations to lay out concrete commitments to bring about the changes required to reduce the harms related to prescription drug misuse in Canada. Those commitments formed the Joint Statement of Action to Address the Opioid Crisis. CCSA facilitates the sharing of information among signatories to avoid duplication of efforts and encourage collaboration, and reports on the progress of this collaborative group to the public. View the annual report, which summarizes the progress accomplished in 2016-2017.

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Joint Statement of Action commitments

No single organization or level of government working alone can transform the system of care to create the kind of real and lasting change required to address the opioid crisis. Across Canada, organizations and jurisdictions are working collectively to drive impact at the national, jurisdictional and local levels in fulfilling their commitments under the Joint Statement of Action.

Currently, there are 202 commitments being actioned by governments, councils and organizations. This number includes 60 new commitments announced since November 2016 related to alternative pain management, treatment, mental health and addiction, and first responders.

The Joint Statement of Action commitments span prevention, treatment, harm reduction and enforcement, the four pillars of the Canadian Drugs and Substance Strategy and are supported by a strong evidence base. The activities of each of the signatories can be found here.

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Products of the Opioid Response Partners

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You can learn more about the Joint Statement of Action commitments and latest progress by attending webinars. Email for more information.