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Board Alumni

​​​​​​​​​CCSA Board Alumni membership is open to all former CCSA Board members (Governor in Council appointees, independent appointees, ex-officio and Chief Executive Officers of the CCSA) who are in good standing with the Board. The CCSA Board Alumni exists to provide a means for the current CCSA Board of Directors to continue to benefit from the expertise, commitment and support of former Board member​s in a consultative, networking capacity. Board Alumni can also serve as key ambassadors and advocates for CCSA — as requested by the Board itself — and can provide an independent, unbiased sounding board for feedback and advice. The Chair of Alumni is appointed and serves at the pleasure of the Board.

Chair of Alumni, Louise Nadeau, Ph.D., M.A.

Louise NadeauLouise Nadeau, Ph.D., M.A., is full Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Université de Montréal and associate researcher at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, McGill University. Dr. Nadeau's multicentric and transdisciplinary focus is on the prevention of recidivism among high-risk drivers, on gambling epidemiology and, in particular, on co-occurring disorders. Dr. Nadeau was awarded the 2006 prix Marcel-Vincent for her work in the social sciences and the Prix du Québec Marie-Andrée Bertrand, the most prestigious award in science awarded by the Government of Québec.

Alumni Members

  • Nadeau, Louise, Dr. Chair (Quebec)

  • Aubry, André, Dr. (Quebec)

  • Beauchesne, Normand (Rusty) (Ontario)

  • Blumenthal, Leonard (Alberta)

  • Boivin, Jean-Francois (Quebec)

  • Clarke, Beverley (Newfoundland and Labrador)

  • Deeks, William (British Columbia)

  • DeGagné, Mike (Ontario)

  • el-Guebaly, Nady, Dr. (Alberta) (appointed Member of the Order of Canada in 2017)

  • Fitzpatrick, Ed (Nova Scotia)

  • Fournier, Jean (Ontario)

  • Fralick, Pamela (Ontario)

  • Gervais, Karen (Ontario)

  • Hodgson, Maggie, Dr. (Alberta) (appointed Member of the Order of Canada in 2005)

  • Hodgson Schleich, Heather (Ontario)

  • Jackson Dover, Frances (Alberta)

  • Kalant, Harold, Dr. (Ontario) (appointed Member of the Order of Canada in 2012)

  • King, Barry V. (Ontario)

  • Landry, Roger D. (Quebec)

  • Lavack, Anne M., Dr. (British Columbia)

  • LeCavalier, Jacques (Quebec)

  • Lewis, Leanne (Ontario​)

  • Liston, A.J. (Bert), Dr. (Ontario)

  • Loock, Christine, Dr. (British Columbia)

  • MacKillop, Barry (Ontario)

  • Maloney, Mark (Ontario)

  • Marley, Marnie (British Columbia)

  • Morrison, R.A. (Sandy) (Ontario)

  • Nicholson, J. David (Prince Edward Island)

  • Perron, Michel (Ontario)​

  • Plecas, Darryl B., Dr. (British Columbia)

  • Porter, Meredith (Ontario)

  • Prospero, Michael ​(Ontario)

  • Quirion, Rémi, Dr. (Quebec)

  • Sangollo, Pierre (Quebec)

  • ​Skirrow, Jan (British Columbia)

  • ​Stewart, Sherry H. (Nova Scotia​)

  • Thom, Margaret (Northwest Territories)

  • Tyler, Paula (Alberta)​